Storyteller's Sanctuary


The design of this 10th storey apartment unit is conceptualized as a multitude of visual portals that direct the occupant to embrace the entirety of its surroundings. 

Perceived as a pavilion in the mountains, existing walls within the space are strategically removed and a new monolithic blue wall is inserted to heighten the inherent experiential qualities of the spatial environment. The insertion of this blue monolith not only serves as a punctuation at the end of a long entrance tunnel, it also conceals what is beyond, allowing one the opportunity to pause, focus, and reflect upon the tranquil views of the landscape outside. Beyond the blue wall lies a series of fluid spaces for work and rest, the openness of which is further accentuated by specially designed light shafts incorporated into the ceiling, adding yet another dimension to this multi-portal abode.

* Featured in Lookbox Living #34 November 2013 & Home&Décor October 2013